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For over 45 years – in several thousand cases - we have had the honor and privilege of working with legal teams and sole practitioners in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada on a wide variety of cases – from the highly publicized to the relatively unknown. From small town to big city courthouse. From work sessions in jailhouse visiting rooms to lawyers’ offices with magnificent views. Regardless, what we have learned is that EACH and EVERY CASE OUTCOME MATTERS. Trials are history in the making, where many of the pressing issues of our time are decided, where life, liberty and civil rights are protected and advanced, where wrongs are compensated, and justice is sought.

We thank our lawyer clients and those they represent for inviting us onto the legal teams in their cases for over 45 years and look forward to decades more challenging and fulfilling work together.

We've worked over 10,000 cases in every single state.


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Research that discovers the heart of the problem.


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NJP is a team of lawyers and social science professionals who joined forces 40 years ago to change the way judges and litigators understand the dynamics of bias and prejudgment in jury selection and barriers to persuasion in jury decision making.

Our clients require and receive efficient, cost effective services. Whether we are court appointed or selected from a field of qualified consulting firms, our goal is to earn the trust and respect of our clients and they have rewarded us with decades of collaboration.

Juror research and experience help us see straight into the heart of the problem in each case, and we can help you identify and test potential solutions to those problems. We know our job is not summarizing the research results it is solving the problems identified in the research. We ask tough questions to help lawyers better understand their cases. We help break down even the most complex story into elements and language jurors can understand and repeat.

Our challenge always is to figure out how to get the jurors to want what our clients want. To understand what motivates jurors’ decision-making is to understand the key to juror persuasion. And improving our client’s ability to persuade is the focus of everything we do.

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