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 Jurywork®: Systematic Techniques by NJP Litigation Consulting: Elissa Krauss and Diane Wiley, General Editors (Thomson Reuters)

Updated annually, this three-volume set is the field’s most comprehensive encyclopedia of the latest expert advice, methods, and strategies for effectively preparing for and handling civil and criminal jury trials. The guide synthesizes law, sociology, and psychology to help with trial preparation and improve jury selection and communication skills. The text addresses the challenges of a jury trial and provides practical information to help maximize the persuasive power of your case and improve the ground rules for selecting a jury before the trial begins. Consideration is given to venue, jury pool composition, and jury selection procedures. It offers suggestions for preparing and trying cases involving:

  • Intellectual property and other commercial litigation
  • Personal injury and product defect
  • Criminal defense, including capital cases
  • Civil rights
  • Employment

Other features include:

  • Research methods to understand jury response to a particular case
  • Strategies for witness preparation
  • Jury selection checklists
  • Sample questionnaires
  • Sample motions and affidavits
  • Up-to-date case law on jury issues

ABA Journal describes Jurywork®: Systematic Techniques as “a well-written, highly practical reference guide and training manual that offers a workable, integrated approach to jury selection.”

Recent Update Highlights:

  • Chapter 3:  Questionnaires to Improve Voir Dire – Sample Questions on Jurors’ Use of Internet and Social Media, updated and expanded.
  • Chapter 4: Your Comprehensive Resource on Batson and Discriminatory use of Peremptory Challenges
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 8: Change of Venue and Establishing Juror Bias in the Post-Skilling Digital Media Age.  Author note added to provide update on recent Supreme Court decisions.
  • Chapter 9:  Tools for Discouraging Juror Internet Use – NEW CHAPTER added this year to provide best practices recommendations and tools for attorneys and judges on confronting this important issue in the courtroom.
  • Chapter 15: New Issues in Witness Preparation, including Confidentiality of Preparation Sessions, Work with Child Witness and Strategies for Non-English Speaking Witnesses.
  • Chapter 18: Utilizing Internet and Social Media Research in Jury Selection.


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