Which types of cases do you specialize in?

We have expertise in a full range of civil and criminal casework, including complex commercial litigation, civil plaintiffs (personal injury, employment, civil rights) and criminal defense. Please click on Services tab for more information.

How much will it cost to use NJP Litigation Consulting?

The first step in working with a litigation consultant is to define what kinds of services will be most useful to you. Our approach to each case is creative and flexible. The work plan and budget are tailored to your specific needs. If your resources are limited, you may pick and choose from our menu of services. Our hourly rates and research costs vary depending on the scope of the project, venue, type of case and other factors.

What does NJP Litigation Consulting need to know in order to design a work plan and/or to provide a cost estimate?

We will usually ask you several basic questions when you call with an interest in hiring us. What type of case is involved? Which party are you representing? When is your trial date? Where? What are your primary concerns? What is unique about the facts/law in your case? How much can you (or your client) afford to spend?

How much lead-time is required to enlist help from NJP Litigation Consulting?

What we can do depends on how much time you have before trial. For example, a mock trial can require several weeks to recruit participants, prepare presentations, analyze data, write a report and incorporate the findings into the case strategy. On the other hand, a brief two-hour consultation can be provided on the eve of trial if needed.

I have a court-appointed criminal case, how I can use your services?

Courts appoint Litigation Consultants too. Use our sample affidavit to convince your judge to appoint a Trial Consultant in your case.

If my budget is small, what kinds of services can NJP provide?

Please call us for more information. We can discuss how to use our services effectively and efficiently. No budget is so small that we can’t find some way to offer you assistance.

Would it be worthwhile to hire NJP for a brief case consultation?

Yes! A brief consultation, by phone or in person, can clarify the jury issues and help define case strategy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk further about any questions you may have.