Whether your case is simple and straightforward or large-scale and highly complex, our Jurywork™ consulting and trial preparation services can enhance your effectiveness. We offer the following as stand-alone services or bundled packages:

Case Analysis & Theme Development

To help you see your case from the fact finder’s perspective, we analyze your case facts and discuss with you our analysis of central Jurywork issues and the key themes of each party’s arguments.

Pre-Testing ADR Presentations

We can assemble a panel of surrogate fact finders who will provide realistic and reliable feedback on your case presentation strategy. The format of the pretest can focus on your presentation alone or testing it against an opposing presentation.

Jury Research & Analysis

Commonly known as focus groups, mock trials or trial simulations, our Juryworkconsulting services and qualitative research tests key issues and explores jurors’ interpretations, reactions and attitudes toward your case. We recruit a carefully screened panel of jury-eligible participants who reflect the characteristics of the actual jury pool. Participants hear summary case presentations for each side and provide feedback via written questionnaires and group discussion. We analyze the findings and make recommendations for trial and jury selection. We structure our qualitative research to match the complexity of the case and your budget.

Community Attitude Surveys

Using a telephone or online survey, we uncover attitudes about the case, the parties and the major issues from a random sample of juror eligible respondents. Our service includes questionnaire design, data collection supervision, statistical analysis and interpretation of findings.

Venue Evaluation & Surveys

We use survey research to measure and document the extent of juror bias in the trial venue. This research helps attorneys evaluate the need to bring or oppose a motion to change venue. It can also demonstrate to the court the need for improved jury selection procedures, such as a case specific juror questionnaire, individual sequestered or small group voir dire or additional peremptory challenges. We provide:

  • Content analysis of media coverage
  • Survey design
  • Supervision of survey implementation
  • Analysis
  • Findings report
  • Preparation of exhibits
  • Expert testimony

Opening Statements & Closing Arguments

We help you translate complex ideas into simple terms and convincing language that the fact finders – whether they are jurors, judges or mediators – will understand, remember and use in their deliberations.

Voir Dire Preparation & Jury Selection

We assist you in improving the effectiveness of voir dire by:

  • Conducting voir dire training with trial team members
  • Drafting memos in support of motions for improved voir dire procedures
  • Preparing a case-specific Supplemental Juror Questionnaire
  • Drafting case specific voir dire questions
  • Designing a systematic rating system for evaluating potential jurors
  • Preparing jury selection strategy
  • Applying our extensive Juryworkknowledge of juror biases, juror decision-making and small group dynamics to help you make the best use of challenges
  • Implementing lessons learned from pre-trial jury research

Witness Assessment & Preparation

The best evidence is of little value unless jurors can understand, retain and use it. We work with expert and lay witnesses, including foreign nationals, to improve their ability to communicate in depositions and in the courtroom.

Courtroom Visuals

Courtroom visuals can turn a trial around if jurors understand and absorb what is being illustrated. We help you conceptualize visuals that clearly convey the central themes, highlight crucial evidence and teach complex information.

Post-trial Juror Interviews

Post-trial interviews can provide unique insights into the jurors’ deliberations and reasoning processes. These interviews can be invaluable when you anticipate an appeal, or when you expect to face similar issues in other cases.

Online Focus Groups

Online focus groups and mock trials can be a good alternative to in-person research in the right circumstances and with the proper protocols in place. We partner with technical experts to provide the platform that meets your objectives. Present your case to a representative group of jury-eligible participants, receive feedback via online questionnaires, and observe jury discussions and deliberations in real-time.

Zoom Trials

We have been involved in Zoom trials from the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We can advise you on the unique challenges of conducting a trial online, including selecting a jury, communicating with jurors, and preparing witnesses to testify, special considerations for graphics and exhibits, and improving your team’s audio and visual appearance.