“We represented a condominium homeowners association in a complex, multi-party construction defect case in Santa Clara County. The development had many significant problems, including inadequate plumbing and heating systems, leaking decks, windows and pipes, and mold growth. The case came up for trial against the backdrop of plummeting real estate values, and it appeared to us that the defense would attempt to deflect our client’s claims as an effort to recoup real estate values lost due to market forces. Lois Heaney helped us to shape the case themes and our opening statement to simplify the case, and to counter defense arguments before they were made. Lois worked with us and our expert witnesses to eliminate technical construction jargon, to clarify the causes of damage for lay jurors, and to select the most powerful demonstrative evidence for effective presentations.”

John P. Gill (Hughes, Gill & Cochrane, P.C.), Walnut Creek, CA

“For over 25 years the lawyers in our firm have relied on NJP. They not only understand juries, they provide us with straight forward and honest feedback on case issues, themes, witnesses and our arguments. They help us find the story within the case that will resonate best with juries. They understand the challenges of going to trial and were instrumental in our efforts to protect voir dire in the California with the enactment of CCP 222.5.”

Peter Alfert (Hinton Alfert & Kahn), Walnut Creek, CA

“I have never lost a trial where I worked with NJP. Their jury selection insight and help with framing the issues for jury presentation have been invaluable. As experts they are always very accessible and committed to the cause.”

William H. Buckman, Esq, Moorestown, NJ

“NJP – spectacular, practical advice delivered in a highly professional manner – experts who understand the issues and how to work for the client and with the attorney.”

Marvin E. Schechter, Esq., New York NY

“Beth Bochnak of NJP Litigation Consulting/East designed a jury study to assist my firm in evaluating damages claims in a class action for women who were illegally strip searched. We decided on the study to help us prepare for damages trials. We gained insight into the factors that were likely to influence a jury verdict. The NJP study ended up helping us to negotiate a $10 million settlement.”

Howard Friedman (Law Offices of Howard Friedman, P.C.), Boston, MA

“Lois Heaney of NJP Litigation Consulting/West is the finest jury consultant with whom I have ever worked. She combines extraordinary professional and personal skills that make her both effective and easy to work with. I have retained Lois in a number of cases, including the defenses of Stephen Bingham and Robert Blake. We achieved a successful result in all of those cases. I give Lois my unqualified recommendation.”

M. Gerald Schwartzbach, Mill Valley, CA

“I wouldn’t pick a jury without them. Not only has my voir dire improved by orders of magnitude by working with them but so have my opening statements, closing arguments and identifying the best theme for the trial.”

David McClain (Kazan, McClain, Lyons, Greenwood & Harley)

“Lois Heaney brings a rare quality to counsel table as a jury consultant: judgment. Together with an uncanny sense of what prospective juror would make the best fit for a given case, Lois would be an invaluable asset to any trial team. There isn’t another jury consultant out there I would consider using for any of our cases.”

David Halbreich (Reed Smith LLP)

“Whether white collar criminal cases or complex commercial litigation, we rely on the unique talents, skills and experience of the consultants at NJP to help us step back from the legal and technical issues to develop the human story so essential for trial.”

John Keker (Keker & Van Nest LLP)

“I am a huge believer in the value of “trial consultants” to help shape the presentation of cases and develop trial themes. I have worked with the NJP Litigation Consulting for nearly 25 years and have consistently found that the advice of the trial consultants there and the methodologies they use to shape mock jury exercises in complex cases is invaluable. They are efficient, flexible, user friendly and result-oriented. They also dig deeply into complex issues as well as, if not better than, any of the other trial consultants with whom I have worked.”

Frank Smith (Alston & Bird)

“I have used NJP to conduct jury research for complex MDL cases and for individual cases with challenging problems. Whether the project is large or small, I know I can count on NJP for quality research and insights that pull the full value out of the research. They are a great asset to any trial team. I have dealt with Susie Macpherson on a number of occasions. She is bright and experienced. She knows the game, and talks the game. I have learned to respect her opinion – she can tell me I am wrong – I listen!!! We have experts in Cleveland – which means no travel expense – but my experience with NJP means “forget the cost – go with them! It’s worth it in the long run.”

John Climaco (Climaco, Wilcox, Peca, Tarantino & Garofoli)

“I have worked repeatedly with Diane Wiley and her colleagues and no longer try an important case without NJP’s help. NJP’s research provides important insights about what aspects of the case to emphasize, arguments and themes that will work, and the kinds of jurors who will be most receptive. Most importantly, Diane’s instincts about how jurors will see a case are impeccable.”

Mary Anne Sedey (Sedey Harper, P.C.)

“The NJP Litigation Consulting Midwest is an asset no lawyer should be without in an important case. I have worked with my share of jury consultants and Diane Wiley and Susie Macpherson are the best of the best. They help simplify complicated cases. They have a knack for relating to overwhelmed plaintiffs and making them better witnesses. They can visualize a case from the jury’s perspective and catch key issues and themes easily overlooked even by experienced trial lawyers. They know how to get the most out of jury focus groups. They are masters at sizing up prospective jurors and helping counsel during jury selection. I have had the opportunity to work with the NJP Litigation Consulting in many difficult cases over the years. Invariably, they made the difference in those cases. And in the process, they have definitely made me a better trial lawyer.”

Fred Gittes, Attorney (The Gittes Law Group)