Trial Consulting for Class Action and MDL Cases

Ammari Electronics v. Pacific Bell Directory ($17 million verdict)
BASF Herbicide Class Action (deceptive trade practices)
Baycol MDL (defective product, failure to warn)
Bell v. Farmers Insurance Exchange (overtime for claims adjusters, $90 million verdict)
Butler v. Home Depot ($65 million settlement)
Carlson v. eHarmony (sexual orientation discrimination)
Guidant MDL (defective product, failure to warn)
Infant Formula Class Action (price fixing)
Lingo, et al. v. Microsoft (restraint of trade and unfair pricing)
Medtronic MDL (defective product, failure to warn)
Miller v. Bank of America (bounced check fees, $1 billion verdict)
Satchell, et al. v. FedEx Corp. (race discrimination, $55 million verdict)