Trial Consulting for Plantiff’s Employment Cases

Andrews v. Central California Irrigation District (wage and hour case on behalf of irrigation workers for unpaid overtime)
Braun v. Walmart (FSLA)
Carroll, et al. v. Interstate Brands (the Wonder Bread case), (race discrimination, $131 million verdict — $11 million in compensatory damages, $120 million in punitives)
Shannen DelaCruz v. Cal-Pac Sonoma, et al. (sexual harassment, $2 million verdict)
Dieter v. Lassen County (wrongful termination case, $3.4 million)
EEOC v. Morgan Stanley (sexual discrimination and sexual harassment)
Ey, Helms and EEOC v. HBE Corp. (racial discrimination)
Fisher v. University of Pittsburgh (one of the developers of the drug, Tamoxifen, sued university for wrongful termination due to allegedly allowing falsified data to be used)
Frank, et al. v. County of Los Angeles, et al. (class action, race discrimination)
Hnot, et al. v. Willis Corporation (employment discrimination class action brought by female employees)
Jensen, et al. v. Eveleth Mines (damages for hostile work environment)
Brenda Lee v. Los Angeles Fire Department (race/gender discrimination, $6.27 million verdict)
Martin v. Texaco (sex discrimination case, $20 million dollar verdict)
Radford v. BAE Shipyards (race discrimination, $2.1 million verdict)
Rossi v. North American Auto Corporation (disability discrimination case involving obesity)
Taylor v. NYU Medical Center, et al. (damages-only suit by former Director of External Affairs discharged because of his sexual orientation)